Making Better "Senses" of Vaping

Making Better "Senses" of Vaping


When we think of vaping, we think of the yummy taste of an e-liquid, the image of puffy, large vape clouds, and the feeling of that cool drip tip against our lips. Vaping is truly a complete sensory experience. Using our five senses can also help us diagnose minor issues with our setup before they become a serious problem. 

You might be surprised that each of the five senses plays a significant role in the experience. Hence, we're going to break down each sense and how it can be used to monitor your sessions. 



We depend heavily on our sense of sight when we vape. For example, advanced mods come with display screens that allow us to monitor our settings and statistics. Without a display screen, we wouldn't know what our wattage was set at, the state of our battery life and other crucial pieces of information. 

We also use our eyes to check how much e-liquid is left in our tank. We all know that once that liquid level gets too low, our hits are going to have an unpleasant taste and a weak amount of vapor. 

Our eyes also allow us to enjoy the magnificent vape clouds that escape through our lips. If you're a vaper who chases huge clouds, the sight of dense, fluffy vapor can make your experience extra special. 


The sound that our vaping device makes can tell us a lot about the functionality of our setup. As we vape, a very soft, steady whirling noise is to be expected. This sound simply means that the e-juice is gently evaporating into a steady stream of thick, luscious vapor. 

However, gurgling noises can tell us that something is wrong. Often, a gurgling noise means that it's time to change our coil or adjust our wattage level. Similarly, popping noises can mean that our e-liquid is getting way too hot. 


Touch is a crucial aspect of vaping that can protect us from danger. For example, if a device feels too hot in our hands, we know that it's overheating and needs a rest. Sometimes, an overheated device can combust. When this is the case, our sense of touch can keep us safe from bodily harm. 

Our sense of touch also determines which type of drip tip we would like to purchase. Today's drip tips come in a wide range of materials. Some argue that marble feels luxurious against the lips while others can't resist the sensation of puffing on a strikingly smooth piece of glass. 


Of course, taste is very important when it comes to vaping. Most of us spend a good deal of cash on yummy e-liquid flavors at Ejuice Vape Discounts that are made with high-quality ingredients. 

Many vape flavors taste so good that they curb our sugar cravings. If you're someone who has a serious sweet tooth, vaping might be able to help you cut down on your sugar intake. 

Our sense of taste allows us to enjoy everything from rich tobacco blends to juicy fruits whenever we hit our mod or pod system. Our sense of taste also enables us to detect when something is wrong with our vaping system. For instance, if an e-liquid tastes burnt, our coil may need a change. Similarly, if our juice tastes weak and lacking in complexity, it might need to be steeped for a few days. 


Sometimes, our sense of smell can keep us safe while we vape. If you smell something burning, that's a sign that a component of your vaping setup isn't functioning properly. A burning smell can mean leaking juice, a dead coil or even an overheated battery

We also use our sense of smell to savor the aroma of an exceptional vape juice after it has been exhaled. In a similar manner, our sense of smell can help us decide whether or not to invest in a particular vape juice flavor without having to inhale it with a mod beforehand. 


Make Use of All 5 Senses

Whenever you vape, engage each of your five senses for an enjoyable and flawless experience.

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